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The ICOMOS New Zealand Charter, Te Pumanawa o ICOMOS o Aotearoa Hei Tiaki I Nga Taonga Whenua Heke Iho o Nehe is a set of guidelines on cultural heritage conservation, produced by ICOMOS New Zealand.  The NZ Charter is widely used in the New Zealand heritage sector and forms a recognised benchmark for conservation standards and practice.  It is used by central government ministries and departments, by local bodies in district plans and heritage management, and by practitioners as guiding principles.

The Historic Places Trust / Pouhere Taonga, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage and the Department of Conservation use the NZ Charter to guide their heritage conservation work.  It was used by Ngai Tahu in their Deed of Settlement and the Lotteries Grants Board uses it for guidance in its deliberations.

It has been adopted as heritage policy by Christchurch City Council, Wanganui and Whakatane District Councils and is used as a standard reference document in District plans by Auckland, Christchurch, and Hutt City Councils, Auckland Regional Council, and by a number of other local authorities.

The NZ Charter covers the purpose, principles, practice, and processes of conservation.  It also provides useful definitions of the main conservation terms such as preservation, maintenance, restoration and so on.  Copies are available from the ICOMOS New Zealand Secretariat.

NZ Charter Revision 2010

This revised Charter replaces the 1993 and 1995 versions and should be referenced as the ICOMOS New Zealand Charter for the Conservation of Places of Cultural Heritage Value (ICOMOS New Zealand Charter 2010). This revision incorporates changes in conservation philosophy and best practice since 1993 and is the only version of the ICOMOS New Zealand Charter approved by ICOMOS New Zealand (Inc.) for use.

For the avoidance of doubt, the English text is the approved version of the charter when quoting the Charter text and definitions and for use in legal documents such as district plans. The Maori text is a translation of the 2010 Charter.

Download The NZ Charter as a PDF

Download Te Tūtohinga ICOMOS o Aotearoa the NZ Charter 2010 Maori translation as a PDF